YOUNG children were stuck on a ferris wheel for more than 20 minutes at Redditch Council’s fireworks and music spectacular after a ride broke.

The incident happened at the Arrow Valley event last night, which also included live music, activities, and a fireworks show.

It's been reported that a bar broke off one of the carts and the ride would not stop.

It is also claimed that the emergency stop button wouldn't work - leaving the youngsters trapped on the ride for more than 20 minutes.

However, owner of the funfair Tommy Wilson said that was "completely false" and stressed that the emergency stop does work.

Hundreds of parents have taken to social media expressing disbelief as well as questioning if safety checks were carried out before it opened to the public.

Commenting online one person, whose nephew was trapped on the ride, said it was lucky no one was killed or injured.

"The carriage was carrying my nephew when it broke," they said.

"My sister, cousin and friend of the family tried to intervene after the emergency button failed to stop the ride, even after multiple attempts. Thank god my nephew wasn't injured or killed.

"This was a traumatic experience for several of the children who were left pretty shaken and distraught."

Another parent, whose child was on the ride, said: "The ride stayed on for a good 15/20 minutes, kids were so distressed crying to get off, the emergency stop button just wouldn't work, parents were so distraught.

"I really hope all the children that got off were okay and the parents weren't to upset as I was shaking like a leaf."

Police confirmed they were called to the incident.

A spokesman from Redditch Council said: “We have been alerted and are currently looking into the matter.

"In the meantime we want to reassure residents that the relevant supporting machinery and equipment safety inspection reports were required and requested by the council and provided prior to the event.”

Mr Wilson, who called the incident a "non event" said he was only made aware of it after the fair had closed.

He said he took the police with him and examined the ride and found nothing wrong with it.

He stressed he will be looking into what happened.