A BURGLAR raided the home of an 87-year-old woman and led police on a dangerous high speed chase in her stolen car.

Daniel Brown burgled the woman's home in Whitcroft Road, Pershore with a 17-year-old accomplice while she was in bed, stealing her jewellery and her car.

During the chase that followed the 38-year-old rammed police with the stolen Toyota Yaris as they attempted to box him in with their cars near Peterborough after his tyres were shredded by a stinger, driving away on the rims as a helicopter recorded the pursuit.

However, he was eventually successfully boxed in by police cars and brought to the ground where he was bitten by a police dog.

Brown of Hopkiln Gardens, Evesham, had already admitted burglary, dangerous driving, theft, driving while disqualified, possession of a class A drug and driving without insurance when he was jailed at Worcester Crown Court on Monday.

The defendant hung his head in the dock and hid his face in his hands as details of the burglary at the two bedroom bungalow on November 6 last year were read out.

Amiee Parkes, prosecuting, said when the victim woke up she noticed her home had been disturbed, her car was missing from the driveway and that other items were gone including a bottle of vodka and some jewellery.

In a victim personal statement she said she would be angry if the offenders were not sent to prison, describing the experience of being burgled as 'terrifying'.

When she called the police and alert was sent out and the car was picked up heading north towards Peterborough.

During the pursuit which followed the Yaris 'crossed over and drove on the wrong side of the road around a blind corner to avoid the police' said Miss Parkes.

Brown's 17-year-old co-defendant in the burglary was a passenger in the stolen car.

She added: "Officers say the vehicle was travelling in excess of 100 miles per hour. He drove over the central reservation towards oncoming traffic."

Footage of the chase, recorded from a police helicopter, was played to the judge which showed the Yaris being driven at speed even after some if its tyres had been deflated by a police stinger.

Officers can be seen using their cars to try and box in the defendant but he rammed his way out before they later managed to contain the car.

Miss Parkes said: "It's a lengthy pursuit by a number of police vehicles. They struggled with the officers and the defendant was bitten by a police dog at the scene."

Arrested and cautioned, Brown made no reply. Vodka and jewellery were recovered from the car and a small amount of methadone from the driver's footwell.

A message on his mobile phone showed that his partner had asked Brown to get a car. Brown replied 'no comment' in police interview.

Brown has 32 convictions for 64 offences, including eight for burglary and others for taking cars without the owner's consent, driving with no licence, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and possession of class A drugs.

John Brotherton, defending, said Brown felt shame at breaking into an elderly woman's home.

"I submit that's a real sense of shame. He hangs his head in the dock" said Mr Brotherton.

He said his client had experienced trauma and that Brown's mother and father were both drug users.

"His father died in 2011 of an overdose in his arms" said Mr Brotherton.

Two years ago Brown was attacked with an axe, suffering a depression fracture to his skull, Mr Brotherton told the court.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright said it would have been 'perfectly obvious' to Brown that he was inside the home of an elderly woman and that she had been 'badly affected by the burglary and will not drive again'.

He placed the burglary in category one (the most serious) because it was committed at night when the victim was at home and was part of a group activity.

The judge also deemed it higher culpability because Brown recruited a 17-year-old to take part in the burglary.

Judge Cartwight said of the driving: "A number of near misses took place with other innocent motorists. At one stage you were boxed in by a number of police cars on a railway of canal bridge. You deliberately rammed your way out, reversing into a police car.

"This was a truly shocking and protracted episode of dangerous driving, creating enormous risk of injury of a serious kind to police officers and other motorists."

He jailed Brown for a total of 47 months and banned him from driving for two years. The judge extended this ban by 23 and a half months so it will begin when Brown is released at the halfway point of his sentence. The judge said he understood that Brown yet to take the mandatory extended driving retest following a previous conviction for dangerous driving in 2001.

The judge also said a proceeds of crime application should be drawn up to assess what money Brown could afford to pay back.

The youth involved in the burglary had earlier received a 12 month youth rehabilitation order.