WHAT message does it send out that a man who breached a court order for attacking his partner, by assaulting her again, was not immediately sent to prison?

Worcester Magistrates Court decided to give Deen Chaudhary a prison sentence of 18 weeks but suspended for two years, meaning that the 26-year-old walked free from court after being sentenced on January 9.

The court heard that Chaudhary assaulted his partner in the home on September 15 last year and also damaged her mobile phone. This put him in breach of the conditional discharge he was given in January 2019 for attacking her.

Surely a man who has flouted a court order for assaulting his partner by then attacking her again deserves to serve time in prison.

By allowing Chaudhary to walk free from their court, magistrates have sent out the message that domestic abusers who assault their partners will not face severe punishment.

Even worse, Chaudhary is still at liberty and thus could attack his partner again. Imagine how she feels knowing that he's free?