A MUM who says paedophile Keith Holloway tried to groom her daughter has claimed that, by allowing him to continue to live nearby, the Ministry of Justice is prioritising his rights over those of the children he could assault.

It's difficult to argue with her.

After all, Holloway has a sickening history of offences and is clearly someone who simply cannot control his disgusting urges – he has assaulted a three-year-old in a supermarket, filmed up the skirts of young girls, and invited an eight-year-old girl (the daughter of the woman mentioned above) to use his shower.

So surely the priority of the MOJ should be ensuring that Holloway doesn't have the temptation of having access to children. That means keeping him locked up, not living in a residential area in Worcester. Put the safety of those children above this attempt to rehabilitate Holloway by letting him live in society.

I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, but 66-year-old Holloway has had chance after chance and continued to offend. You could argue that he's beyond rehabilitation.