AN animal sanctuary near Kidderminster has become the first in Europe to become verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS).

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries, in Milson, near Kidderminster, meets the criteria of a true farmed animal sanctuary set out by (GFAS) and is providing humane and responsible care of their animals.

To be verified, an organization must meet GFAS’s rigorous and peer-reviewed animal care standards which are confirmed by a site visit and they must also adhere to a demanding set of ethical and operational principles.

The Verification status also provides a clear and trusted means for the public, donors and grantors to recognize Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries as an exceptional organization.

Daryl Tropea, GFAS program director said: “We are very proud to announce the recent Verification of Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary at The Nickless Farm.

"Founders, David Walker and Dwynwen Jones established Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary in 2017 on 92 beautiful acres to provide a lifelong home to more than 300 animals including sheep, pigs, cows, goats and birds."

Alison Hood, project director of Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries said: “Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary is thrilled to be the first farm animal sanctuary in Europe to receive GFAS verification.

"The GFAS program is so important to these farm animals; it not only helps ensure excellent welfare and strong policies; it also reflects that these wonderful, sentient animals deserve an excellent standard of care."