A DEFIANT family have decided to stay in their home and battle with the flood water threatening to consume the house.

Mark Doble, 50 has lived in Pitchcroft Lane, Worcester, with his family for 30 years. He said they always have some flooding, but this is the worst it has ever been.

Mr Doble, who is currently lives with his brother Andrew, 58, and mother Christine, 77, said: "My brother and I are watching the pumps, there are three pumping the water back out over the flood wall, but now it is starting to crack.

"We installed these flood defences after our house was really badly hit in the 2014 floods. This year is the worse it has ever been, but thanks to the pumps and the flood wall outside we are coping.

"The water is all over the bottom floor of the house, however it is only six inches, if the flood defences weren't in place it would be about three foot. We cannot get out safely due to the flooding, my mother has been staying upstairs.

"We don't want to evacuate as we need to stay here and try to look after the pumps. If we left now, the house would really fill up. Last time that happened it took us nine months to get it back to a liveable condition, we are just trying to keep calm about it.

"We have enough food here and are keeping busy trying to keep the water at bay. I am getting a little bit stir crazy. I like to do things and hate just sitting around.

"Hopefully tomorrow I can get some waders on and maybe get out to the road."

The family rely on a septic tank to flush their toilet, the flood water has left that unusable. The family are currently using camping toilets, but have argued the council should install a portable loo for the street as it is an ongoing issue.

Mr Doble continued: "I feel like I have been left to deal with this by myself, I haven't had any calls checking to see if we are still alive, and the council haven't offered to help us with the pumps or the toilet issues."

However, the council said it had offered Mr. Dobbs and his family help.

A Worcester City Council spokesman said: “We have been working hard to contact all city residents whose homes have been flooded, checking on their welfare and what support they need.

"We have spoken to Mr Doble and offered him practical assistance.”