A PARKS maintenance operative in Redditch has been informing residents about safety during the coronavirus pandemic through his own entertaining videos.

23-year-old Frank Wilcox has become the 'poster boy' for Redditch Borough Council, dancing in TikTok videos to put a smile on the faces of residents and share vital information.

In his latest video, Frank grooves along to the MC Hammer classic U Can't Touch This as he reminds residents that play areas in parks are still closed.

People are asked to use parks for exercise, wellbeing and recreation, but to stay off play or gym equipment to reduce the spread of Covid-19. He has also starred in a video about social distancing.

Frank Wilcox said: “At a time when everyone is panicking and worried about what’s happening in the world it’s nice to be able to create something to make them smile but still get really important messages across.”

Ishrat Karimi-Fini, parks & events service manager, said: “Social media is particularly important at the moment for getting key messages out to residents quickly and Frank, alongside other colleagues, has really stepped up to the mark to help us share Government advice and guidance with his marvellous, imaginative videos.

"He is now quite literally our poster boy. So look out and listen to what “Frankie says” because you can guarantee there’s an important message behind the fun.”