MEMBERS of the Redditch Labour Party raised hundreds for a community support fund after taking on a fasting challenge for Ramadan.

Several members accepted the challenge set by Muslim members Nayab Patel and Sid Khan to promote diversity, understanding and learn more about Ramadan.

The willing members abstained from all food and drink and smoking from 3.30am until 8.49pm on Saturday, May 9.

Social distancing rules meant that iftaar (the breaking of the fast) could not be eaten together, but a traditional meal starting with dates was delivered just before sunset.

To show support friends and family donated a total of £554 which will go towards Redditch Central Mosque’s Covid-19 community support fund.

Party member Sid Khan said: "I'm so proud of all those Labour members, councillors, candidates and generous supporters in Redditch who fasted in Solidarity with their Muslim Towns folk.

"Such unity builds bridges of peace, tolerance and understanding. These are actions uniting communities and building society in these testing times.

This act of Fasting means so much and is most appreciated by the Redditch Muslim Community.”

Councillor Greg Chance said: “Going through the highs and lows of fasting has taught me many things. Firstly how lucky I am to have plenty of food to eat and the love and support of many people but secondly that what hungry people really need as well as food is love and hope. I chose to go hungry and thirsty, tonight many people in the world will not have that choice.”

Councillor Debbie Chance said: “It was a privilege to get a glimpse of and be part of such a loving and caring community. Thank you to all who donated so the Redditch Mosque so they can continue with their work in the community supporting residents during the Covid-19.

"The great sense of community I experienced was awe inspiring.”