A SUPERHERO runner from Redditch is taking on an epic marathon through Worcestershire towns to raise money for the NHS.

60-year-old Martin Carver is completing a 100 kilometre run today (Thursday, May 21) and will continue to raise money for charity until the end of the month.

The former Non-commissioned Officer in the British Army Parachute Regiment, has been applauded by members of the public whilst running across the county dressed in superhero costumes and has so far raised £1700 of his £10,000 target.

People can donate to Martin's JustGiving page via www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Martin-carver.

Today he runs to the city of Worcester, arriving at 1.30pm at the Royal Worcester Hospital, visiting the Guild Hall and finishing at Rainbow Hill.

He has been supported by his two sons Jordan and Nathan, whilst his other son Jamie is a serving member of 1 Parachute Regiment - Martin’s former Regiment.

Martin continues voluntarily running a series of online training sessions for his senior citizens clients and those who suffer from cancer, strokes, and other debilitating illnesses.

He keeps in touch with them during his regular walks and runs around Redditch.

Martin said, “A really big thank you to all those who have donated to the NHS and my target is £10,000 which I hope to achieve by the end of May.

"Those of us from the military owe the NHS so much when they treated and continue to treat so many of my colleagues for life changing wounds suffered on overseas service from The Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan and other conflict areas of the world.”