HUGE traffic delays have been caused by drivers queuing to get into Malvern's tip – and a councillor believes Upton's centre should re-open to ease the pressure.

There has been huge demand for Malvern Household Recycling Centre (HRC) since it re-opened on May 11, following the coronavirus lockdown closure.

Malvern Hills district councillor Martin Allen has called for Upton's tip to be re-opened to relieve some of the pressure on the Malvern site.

In Malvern, Worcestershire County Council’s highways department has tried to ease the disruption caused to the A449 by introducing a system of allowing only 30 cars to queue for the tip at a time.

A highways spokesman said: “To prevent closure of A449 Malvern Link, our highways depot car park will be used for up to 30 cars to queue for the recycling centre. Once full, the entrance will close and visitors will need to visit the HRC at a different time once the queue subsides.”

Councillor Paul Tuthill said he and fellow councillor Tony Miller had seen the problem coming and worked on the system to ease pressure on the tip.

He said: “When the site re-opened, it didn’t get it quite right with regards to access to cars. We have been working with them to put procedures in place to get things right and I had a word with Tony Miller about putting some kind of procedure in place to get cars off the road.

“It is a real problem when this happens as the traffic queues and blocks the road both ways to Malvern.”

In Upton, Councillor Martin Allen has called for the tip to be re-opened to relieve some of the pressure on the Malvern tip.

He said: “Since the government have said that these sites should be re-opened, and due to the chaos at the Malvern town waste site, I would urge the county council to set a date to open Upton to relieve the pressure at other sites.

“I’m surprised that Upton was not the first to re-open as it has many advantages. It is based on a large carpark that lends itself to off road queuing, and would have allowed the county council to safely trial reopening one of their sites while ensuring social distancing to keep employees of Severn Side Waste, council officers and members of the public safe.

“Clearly, the site is to be re-opened soon, Upton and Hanley residents just need to know a date of when.

“Many residents have contacted me, they understand the need for safety, however they can see that other sites have been opened and they feel that Upton is ignored.”