HERE is the Malvern Hills Trust's latest Stockwatch for May 29 to June 4.

Northern Hills – Cattle on Summer Hill moving to South East Worcestershire Beacon. Sheep with lambs on South East Worcestershire Beacon.

Central Hills – Cattle and sheep with lambs on West Pinnacle Hill.

Southern Hills – Sheep with lambs on British Camp to Swinyard Hill.

Old Hills – Cattle no longer on the Old Hills.

Castlemorton and Hollybed Commons – Cattle and sheep with lambs throughout.

Temporary fencing is erected under section 15 of the Malvern Hills Act 1995 and access is permitted within the fenced enclosures.

The Malvern Hills Trust restores, conserves and increases appreciation of the landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Hills and Commons.

More information is available on the Malvern Hills Trust’s website