A FAMILY who launched a social media appeal to find their beloved doberman has thanked the public for their support.

Zeus the Doberman was reported missing from Worcester earlier this week, being found on Saturday evening (May 30).

After a widely-shared social media appeal, he was found near the A449 by Sixways in thick mud.

Zeus' owner, Tonianne Henderson, said: "We want to thank all members of the public for their help and support.

"It feels like we can finally breathe again.

"We really can't thank them all enough for re-uniting us with our boy."

According to Mrs Henderson, the family was out "24/7" looking for two year-old Zeus, who ran away on Wednesday.

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Eventually they were contacted by another family who believed they had seen him running through a field near the A449.

Family members and friends went down and managed to get through thick undergrowth and swampy terrain to find Zeus lying in the mud.

They also used a drone, piloted by an anonymous good Samaritan who helped them search the area with a birds-eye view of the field.

Mrs Henderson added: "We think he had a cut on his leg from trying to get through there but when we found him he was so happy, he was licking everyone to death.

"He has been to the vets and apart from the cut on his leg is all fine. He has lost a bit of weight but otherwise has had the all-clear.

"We were so worried, we were out day and night looking for him and we are so grateful to everyone who helped. He really is one of the family."