PARK and open space users are being urged to be responsible and take their litter home after Bromsgrove District Council collected half a tonne of rubbish in just one weekend.

During the recent spell of warm weather, and with more people using parks and open spaces for recreational activities during lockdown, increased amounts of litter and overflowing waste bins have been reported.

The council collected, from bins and litter picking, 420kg of rubbish from Sanders Park and approximately 80kg of rubbish from Lickey End, all of which was created in one weekend.

While the council’s Parks and Place Teams are working hard to keep on top of the situation, residents are being asked to help by taking their litter home rather than littering or fly tipping which is an offence.

If their rubbish won’t fit in the bin, residents should find another one or take it home with them - if a bin is overflowing, let the council know at

If they are expecting to create a lot of waste, by having a picnic for example, residents can also bring a bin liner from home, tie the bag and leave it by the side of the bins so it is easier to collect and is not blown away by the wind.

Cllr Karen May, Leader of the Council, said: “At a time when parks are a saving grace for us all, it is important that we all work together to look after them.

"Our teams are doing a fantastic job to keep these spaces clean and tidy but I would ask visitors have some respect and take some responsibility for the waste they create and what they do with it.

"To see our parks and open spaces left in such a state is not only sad but disappointing too.”

If residents have items at home they wish to get rid of and don’t want to sit in queues for the tip, they are asked to avoid giving these items to potentially unlicensed carriers or a ‘white van man’ who may not be certified to take it away and may choose to dispose of it incorrectly.

The council’s bulky waste service is now back up and running and can also be used for larger items and has safety measures in place for customers and staff.