A FUNDRAISER has been started in support of the family involved in a severe house fire in Redditch which 'destroyed all their belongings'.

The devastating blaze broke out at a home on Lilac Close in the early hours of Sunday (June 14) and family members were rushed to hospital.

Now, a Go Fund Me page has been created by the brother of one the family members to help fund new items and to support them following the house fire.

Well over £5,000 has been donated to the fundraiser after it was set up a day ago. People can donate to the page by clicking here.

On the fundraising page, the brother says: "On the early hours of Sunday morning our sibling brother and his family suffered a devastating fire in their home.

"The fire has taken everything they owned, we are in touch with the local council for rehoming, as there previous one (if repairable) is going to be many months away.

"While no amount of money can mend the scars they will carry forward, taking that burden away will help to a degree.

"Money will always help regardless as to how small; this will go towards anything we do not get donated, new clothes is the immediate priority, then later it will get used for the contents of the temporary home.

"Their home and belongings have all been destroyed so if anyone is getting house hold items in the form of donations would be most welcome once they have a new house to go into."