A NUMBER of drivers were reported yesterday and being stopped by police officers.

A driver was caught exceeding the limit doing 110mph on the M5 junction 5 to junction 6.

The driver has been reported.

OPU Worcestershire shared on Twitter: "Although this beautiful car is more than capable of well exceeding the speed limit doing 110mph on the M5 5-6, is not the greatest move.

"Driver reported."

Five motorists were stopped yesterday in the North Worcestershire area for not wearing a seatbelt.

Officers reminded drivers to always wear a seatbelt by sharing a post on Twitter, along with a poster which says: "Most people wear a seatbelt.

"In a crash, anyone not wearing one will be thrown forward with the force of a charging rhino."

Another driver was reported for having defected tyres and not wearing a seatbelt yesterday.

Police have urged drivers to ensure their vehicle is road worthy before starting a journey.

Two drivers were seen using their mobile phone whilst driving and they were dealt with accordingly.

One was stopped on the A441, Redditch and the other driver was on the A38, Droitwich.

A car was stopped on the M5 junction 7 to junction 8 for having excessive tinted front windows.

The driver was also not holding a full UK driving licence.

A car has been seized on the M5 4a to 5 as the driver did not have insurance.