TEARS flowed at city primary school today as Worcestershire's Oscar Saxelby-Lee made a surprise visit to his classmates on his return from Singapore.

Children and parents were overwhelmed with joy this morning as Oscar made a surprise appearance on his way home from the airport.

Kate Wilcock, head at Pitmaston Primary School, said: "It was such a big shock. The best surprise we could have imagined. We are really touched that he has come to us here at school as his first port of call. "It makes it real now to see him in person, it was really special for all of us it has been such a long time. "We are so emotional it is really fantastic."

Oscar's mum Olivia Saxelby said: "Can’t quite believe it.... crying bucket loads! The day we’ve dreamt of has now become a reality! We’re actually bringing him home!!!

The school, in St John's, has supported Oscar since his diagnosis with T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the end of 2018 when he was a reception pupil.

They initially organised a donor drive at the Malvern Road school which attracted nearly 5,000 people to sign up with DKMS as potential bone marrow donors.

When Oscar's bone marrow transplant failed just a few months later, they also backed the Hand in Hand for Oscar appeal for £500,000 to pay for specialist treatment in Singapore.

Mrs Wilcock added: "Our future plans now will be to support Oscar and his family and even start some learning at home. Then we will be working really closely with Olivia, Jamie and Oscar for some transition into school.

"That will be the best day when he walks back through the door at Pitmaston Primary."