Families invited to join in Worcester monster safari

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, the Faithful City is open for business and ready to extend a warm welcome to families and friends keen to visit the city. And to ensure that you all have an amazing time, Visit Worcester have laid on a special event – a city centre - based MonsterHeroes Safari.

As well as the safari, July is designated Independent Retailer Month, so what better way to give back to the city than by supporting those independent local business which make Worcester such a special place to visit - and you get to hunt monsters, too.

What is a MonsterHeroes Safari?

Halesowen News:

Tracking down monsters, of course, with families invited to search the streets for 10 cute and colourful MonsterHeroes. Using only your smartphone, the safari allows you to learn each MonsterHeroes name, story and superpowers. Once all 10 MonsterHeroes are found a free e-book telling the story of their first team-up will be unlocked. The safari works by using contactless NFC technology and QR codes, without the need for players to download or sign up to anything - they simply need to tap or scan to play.

Sam McCarthy, Projects and Marketing Manager from Worcester BID (Business Improvement District) said: “The MonsterHero Safari trail allows families to revisit the city centre safely, observing social distancing while exploring our heritage and independent businesses. The trail adds an element of fun and excitement in our city throughout the summer holidays, giving parents the perfect activity to entertain the whole family”.

For more information, visit:www.visitworcester.co.uk/monster-hero safari-trail

It is on us to keep Worcester open, healthy and safe

There’s a feeling of relief from residents, businesses, and visitors as we begin to get our freedom back and start to create our new normal. Worcester’s independent businesses are the heart of our Faithful City and the true leaders in innovation when it comes to adapting their business models to take care of their customers and employees.

Now more than ever they need your support. If every person in the county spent £10 in an independent business, it would inject more than £5 million into the local economy.

Sam McCarthy, Projects and Marketing Manager from Worcester BID (Business Improvement District), says, “Worcester is bucking national trends for independents. The independents are the future of the High Street and this is what will set Worcester apart and allow the city to flourish again, where cities elsewhere are struggling.

Halesowen News:

“Before COVID the High Street was evolving and place managers across the country were beginning to see a trend for people choosing to shop local. The lockdown appears to have accelerated this evolution by about five years.”

The Visit Worcester partnership formed by Worcester BID and Worcester City Council has been working tirelessly throughout the lockdown to support the recovery of the city centre.

Helen Mole, Tourism and City Centre Manager from Worcester City Council says, “Since the beginning of lockdown, we’ve been working on a number of projects designed to support the economic recovery of the city. We want to support local businesses to re-open safely as well as helping residents to feel safe enough to visit our local shopping areas again.

Worcester looks forward to welcoming you back. All we ask is that you are kind, respectful and play your role to keep Worcester open, healthy and safe. It is on us”.

For more information, visit: www.visitworcester.co.uk