Some of you might not be familiar with the term 'ecotourism' but that's why I am here to educate you on its wonderous effects.

In the dictionary, ecotourism is defined as: a type of tourism directed towards natural/threatened environments, to support conservation efforts and encourage wildlife. So, the goal of it is to preserve these places while also generating a sort of income AND educating others on these beautiful places in hopes to make them more appreciated. Practically killing THREE birds with one stone.

Ecotourism is commonly used in places like Costa Rica, Kenya and Indonesia, places that are enriched with exotic wildlife and environments. 

There are a vast amount of effects that ecotourism has brought to us but the main ones are the most important. For example, the 4 C's of ecotourism are to; Conserve, Community, Culture and Commerce. Just from these 4 words you can easily notice the morals of ecotourism and how beneficial it is.


Ecotourism helps people gain a respect for not just the cultures of their fellow humans but of the earth. It not only helps to conserve the planet but also converse the existing cultural habitats of our fellow humans.Ecotourism helps to strengthen traditions values and even improves regional identity as a whole. It also helps the development of very sub urban regions.

So, at the end of it all, ecotourism really does seem like an amazing way to nurture out planet while also having a unique and educational experience! If you're still interested in finding more information in ecotourism there are many online resources to fuel this interest. Check out the UNWTO website for more.