For many people around the world books are seen as a piece of literature that can help you in your language and imagery. In contrast, for others books could be an escape for people and can be show life through others perspective. There are a wide variety of books from educational and historical to romance and thriller. Many people have preferences on the type of books that they like to read. However, others may not enjoy the thrill of reading. For instance some people may read books for the rollercoaster plot whereas others may read it to get a background knowledge on certain topics. But no matter the reason books all ways broadcast knowledge.

Books can give you a different perspective of life for example a serial killers or the bully. Books can make you more sympathetic to certain types of people and more apathetic to others. In general books should be seen as a record of events written in the writers viewpoint the moral overall shows what the writher is truly trying to show. Non-fiction books are more for older people as they might be college or university student studying for exams. Fiction books are more suitable for younger children however there is no set age an anyone can read any type.

When asked a student in year 9 she quoted ”Personally I believe that books are a window to other people” this student went on to say “I love to read as it gives me a sort of trill and encourages me to read on leaving me speechless at every plot twist.”

Overall books should be read instead of them collecting dust on shelves in the library or even at home.