When injustice is made a law, you have no right to call people that are doing the duty of resistance criminals. On Friday the 14th of May 1948, a day where my grandfather and his dad should be going to their place of worship and pray to their lord, they were kicked out of their homes and were lucky to not lose the clothes they had on. Imagine being born to a world that has tried so hard to completely erase your country from existence for over 74 years but has not succeeded, wouldn't you be proud? 

Are you going to be as firm as your country and not start getting furious and getting broken apart when all you see on the news is how your people are getting killed over being seen as terrorist when all they are doing is bowing down on their four praying to their lord. Is this what freedom is? The worst feeling is when you let someone into your home and life with blinded trust and they break it in the worst ways possible. Only the people that have gone through this pain will understand how the people of Palestine feel.  

Look at how beautiful and peaceful my country was and how everyone of any background or religion, gender, or country where all treated with high respect. People expect us to just forget and forgive and go back to our old ways, but it is hard for us to get stabbed in the same place twice. We may be slowly losing our country, but certainly we are not going to lose ourselves.  

I have always wished to feel how it would be like to live in a place that you belong to and that you can call home, but I am always wondering if I will ever feel the love and warmth of my country. We did not only lose our home ones but twice. My family was kicked out from Palestine after our homes were invited by other people but then also had to flee Syria when our homes where now invaded by bombs and bloody memories. 

Whatever this world does our country will always be engraved into our hearts and minds, and we will never forget how generous its trees, rain, sand, and sky are. People say that God afflicts his righteous servants to test their belief in him and their patient and I hope God has seen how patient and believing we are although everything we have been through.