For centuries and centuries humans have embarked on a never-ending search for knowledge. An unsatisfactory search for learning more and understanding the world around us. In fact, every nation has a form of education system where students of all types of professions can learn more and become more learned. Universities have always been the standard way of seeking and learning more, but where was the first and who started it? 

In 895CE a Muslim woman by the name of ‘Fatima Al-Fihri' in Morrocco was left with a large amount of inheritance from her father. With this money she decided to start the first ever university. It had first started out as a simple Islamic school or a ‘madrassah’, it later expanded into the first ever university, bringing people from all over the world to Morrocco in hope to learn more.  

It was established during the Islamic golden age. An age where there was a strong emphasis on knowledge and encouragement on learning more. 

This special university is still in operation today and is known as the ‘University of al-Qarawiyyin', its beautiful Islamic architecture bring hundreds from around the world not only to study there but also as a tourist attraction. In 2012, 8120 students had studied there. It teaches a multitude of courses till this day from history, politics and law to art and design. 

Fatima Al-Fihri, not only remains as a monumental figure in history but also a role model to many women as her passion of knowledge had such a great affect that it opened doors for others to pursue more knowledge.