Carbon dioxide drives climate change to the next level and destroys the furture of the following generations. What is it exactly that is happening and what can you do to try and prevent it? 

By trapping heat in the atmosphere from the sun, the greenhouse gases have kept Earth suitable for life. However, with these gases getting out of balance temperatures are changing drastically. 

Carbon dioxide, a dominant greenhouse gas in our atmosphere is now recorded at its highest levels. This is primarily due to humans burning fossil fuels, increasing greenhouse gases, causing the planet to increase in temperature. 

Humans burn fossil fuels to generate electricity to live comfortable lives by warming up houses and powering cars. Waste gases are then released, including carbon dioxide. As the human population is growing the more fossil fuels are used and the more carbon dioxide is  being  released. 

Extra carbon dioxide being released increases the greenhouse effect. More energy is trapped causing the planet's temperature to get warmer than what it is meant to be. The increase in temperature is called global warming. 

Climate change and its effects as a result of global warming include extreme weather events like flooding, increase in forest fires, changes to animal habitats and the ice caps are melting. 

However, there are things you can do as a community or by yourself in order to help prevent climate change such as: walk, cycle or use public transport, eat less meat, recycle, heat your homes less, plant trees and many more.