Founded in 2012, the Digbeth Dining Club is one of the UK’s leading operators of street food venues and events. With permanent venues in the Hockley Social Club, Herberts Yard, and the Coventry Dining Club, the operators set up for the day at Sandwell Valley Park Farm yet again; there they had several of their most popular vendors like Flat Doughnuts, Phata Phats, and Disco Fries.

There they had a wide variety of food with a lot of vegetarian and vegan options available, as well as a separate area for beverages. While there was a large amount of options, unfortunately I was not able to try everything and so settled on trying two specific things.

Disco Fries was the first place that we queued up for on the day; the queue was incredibly long and while there was a concise selection of six options, it looked incredibly promising from what we were seeing around us. Wittly named after some of the best musical artists, the recipes gave them justice. While the vegetarian version of the Cheesy Wonder fries from Disco Fries were brilliantly portioned, I felt like there was more to be had than a cheesy wonderland as I was left looking for another accent flavour as the original recipe comes with a bacon jam and bacon bits. I feel as though they could've further accented the overpoweringly savoury flavour with something sweeter in place of the bacon jam, leaving me to give it a rating of 3.5/5.

The next place we went was Flats Doughnuts; a totally vegan dessert place hidden at the back of the venue, but clearly had not gone unnoticed. While I had the Oh My Apple Pie flat doughnut (a cinnamon-apple flavour combination paired with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream), my recently vegan dad chose to have the Triple Chocolate flat doughnut - a puffy doughnut with a chocolate ganache and brownie bites drizzled with a chocolaty sauce. Satisfied, but wondering if the doughnuts could've been completely vegan, Flats Doughnuts gets a safe 4/5 from both me and my dad.

While they lacked a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, we still enjoyed our experience nonetheless, and I hope that they will be back very soon.