Unemployment is an upcoming issue that will expand further as the years go on as many are losing their jobs.

Unemployment has had a striking increase in the last few years due to problems that have had a huge impact on the world, e.g., the corona virus. Those who are jobless are known to be suffering with mental health challenges e.g., depression, anxiety etc. With no hope left for them, the only thing they can do is worry more and more, which will destroy their wellbeing.

Another problem that comes from unemployment is becoming homeless. After losing a job, many do not have people to go to for shelter and therefore have no choice but to live on the streets. This can cause them to do anything for the smallest income of money as they have little to no hope at all. This can also cause them to lead themselves on a wrong path towards drugs and alcohol so that they are able to cope physically, mentally and emotionally.

Premature death is a huge factor that plays a part in unemployment. The basic necessities are a big struggle for people with no jobs as without their income of money, they are left with nothing at all. This can cause an early death as with the lack of nutrition and intake a person usually has or due to mental health issues, their life might end quicker.

Ways to stop unemployment can result in the education system becoming easier. The current education system is very challenging and can be seen as overwhelming to those who have learning disabilities as they do not get to control whether they're intelligent or not. Many struggle mentally due to the stress of their education as the difficulty of the education minors receive increases every year. Putting a lot of stress on a minor can cause them to develop issues and can lead them down the wrong path so we should help together to fight with unemployed people so they receive the help they deserve.