These characters never fail to intrigue! Dr. Kondraki is one of the characters from the SCP Foundation. An SCP is a danger, a threat to humans, and each one has a particular set of characteristics.

Dr.Kondraki is a site director named Benjamin, he has a son called Draven Kondraki and he also has Bipolar disorder, Benjamin is what people call the king of BOOOOOOOOTERFLIES, oddly enough, he wasn’t exactly ready for a son when it happened and also went on a date with dr.clef. There's a good few stories about this situation on the scp site, to summarise it Dr.Kondraki got his..ding dong stuck in a bottle unsure as to how, but they did manage to get it off..just people copied his actions stupidly, but that’s besides the point, Dr.Kondraki deals with scp 408, aka the illusionary butterflies, Dr.Kondraki tends to be a eccentric or overbearing man, however he tends to be severely reckless, such as the near destruction in site 19 where he rode scp 682 aka the-hard-to-destroy-reptile.

Alison says, "SCP Foundation sounds like a complex yet interesting world. I do feel some sympathy for Dr Kondraki who has been struggling to work with his bipolar disorder."

Perhaps struggling is too strong a term, but he does live with it.