Dogs are currently in shelters because people are just abusing dogs and you really need to stop abusing dogs because everyday dogs are dying everyday because dog owners don’t even know how to look after a dog. Dogs have feelings too and it’s not very nice to hurt dogs because dogs get very scared because they feel like you are going to hurt them. You can really hurt a dog’s feelings inside imagine if that happened to you and your parents just abandoned you. Just stop abusing dogs make a change to your life get a dog and make them really happy just make a difference in your life.

I asked Alison whether she thought it was right that dogs have to be looked after by the Dogs Trust, she said “I think that all animals and all humans should be treated with respect it is wrong to hurt or neglect an animal.I’m glad that the Dogs Trust exist but they shouldn’t have to do the work that they do."

I asked Claire the same question and she said,”I don’t think it’s right that animals are abused and neglected but I’m glad that they do exist."