Such a great classic! It is surprising that young people can still relate to such a dated book and television series!

The humour is timeless and the world in which the whole series plays out is quite unique. The space community of human and non-human characters creates a very particular comedic dynamic. The jokes are relentless which means that the ultimate question of the meaning of life is investigated alongside one-liner jokes. These one-liners develop into major plot points which result in the whole series is funny with the backdrop of serious enquiry.

Alison said: "I watched this series when I was young with my older brothers. I did not always get all of the jokes, but I remember feeling entertained throughout the experience."

Mark said: "This is a classic for a reason, the humour is very clever and witty. I would recommend both the books and the television series to anyone who would like to be entertained. It is great to watch the television series with company because you will all laugh together. In that way, it makes for very wholesome watching."

Susan said, "I must admit, although I can see the appeal of this book and the television series, it’s not the kind of sense of humour that really draws me in. The fact that it is placed in another world complicates the clarity of the humour, I think."