Many people are trying to guess who the mystery rapper is, he is a football player in the Premier League, one guess might be that it is Saka.

Bukayo Saka is an English footballer that plays midfield for Arsenal football club. He is 21 years old and in November he played in his first ever World Cup for England and helped them to get to the quarter finals. He went to play in the Euros in 2020 and got to the final but sadly they lost by penalties but meanwhile at Arsenal they are top of the table. He hoped to get to  the Premier League for Arsenal Football Club  when he was at school. He went to Greenford High School  and played football from academy at Arsenal to get to the first team when had his first start of the first team he won FA cup and community shield.

Lizzie says: "It is such an interesting mystery, I know you have taken some of the lyrics from his rapping  to put together a biography of the football player and that seems to fit Saka.  I wonder if you're correct."

Mark says; "Football is an interesting sport many many people are interested in it so this rapper encourages people to get involved, I like their style."