Create your own world with this game! You are master of your world, of your universe, you must build!

Minecraft caves and cliffs is an update added to Minecraft in 2021. it includes many things such as: music, mobs blocks and biomes. Mojang the creator of minecraft has added many things to this update. I'm going to show all the new mobs in this update and what they can do.

No1. The axolotl: the axolotl is a mob that has a few different things it does. When it gets attacked it can play dead and regain health, it can fight for you, they can attack drowned, guardians and elder guardians and is also know as “the cutest predator”. The axolotl also is my favourite mob.

No2. The goat: the goat is the second mob they added as it has its own purposes like the axolotl. The goat can jump up to 10 blocks high, it can ram mobs or players from 16 blocks away. If your lucky you can be able the find a screaming goat which is more aggressive than a normal goat.

Alison said: "I don’t really understand these games, but you have explained that a mob is like a mode of play that gives you different abilities. I like the thought of being the builder of your own universe, that sounds great."