Megan is an interesting person and a brilliant player. She has played for the England team but was born in Wales. She is a Welsh speaker. Megan now plays for the Wasps. Many people admire her career.

Archana said, "Megan is a role model for sports women everywhere, she has dedicated her life to developing her sporting talent. She was able to study at one of the best universities for sport at Loughborough. What a great achievement!"

Mark said, "Women’s rugby like women’s football has progressed so much over the last ten years. It is great to hear about the achievements of women like Megan who play their sport at world class level."

Rosie said, "Women are showing their mettle in many different sports, Megan is a great role model and sportswoman in her own right. She deserves to be recognised and celebrated, she has earned it."

Sophia said, "This is a very crucial time for women’s sports. Our generation of young women have shown an exceptional dedication and commitment to their respective sports. We all know that sport is good for your mental and physical health so I’m glad to see so many varied female role models in sports. I like the fact that Megan can be open about her girlfriend and that they encourage each other in their sport. Megan is a great person to know about."