In his early life his family owned over 500 slaves. He was a General.His step daughter died in his arms. He was born in Virginia. French and Indian war. American revolutionary. And the Quasi war with France. He had 2 wives throughout his life.

Alison’s view on him: “George Washington was a very powerful man. It was wrong for him to have them slaves but that was how it was back then.”

He was known for his slavery and his family, in his early life his family had 560 slaves and his wife owned 317. It was normal back then to have slaves but now it's not but there is no point complaining about it because it has been done. Slavery is very bad, but they were used for farming moving stuff.

Mark said: “It is easy to look at history through today’s eyes, but it is more difficult to enter in the minds of the populace back then. The slave trade was such a big part of life and many didn’t even question it. Now, compared to today’s standards, it is inhumane.”

Susan said: “It is inhumane to buy and sell people, to own them and not allow them their freedom. Now that we know that such wealth creation was wrong, we should spend our time trying to make up for past mistakes by compensating the descendants of the slaves.”