This is a superb game that allows you to defeat evil- if you work hard enough!

Watchdogs 2 is a game where you try to defeat the evil data stealers called blume.

As they pretend to be selling home insurance items to the public.

You can defeat blume by doing story missions and side missions in the game to gain followers to be able to get research points to upgrade your skills

You can also complete the random event missions that pop up here and there in the free roam map.

Alison said, "This sounds like an entertaining game, it keeps you on your toes with random events and gives you a sense of liberation - it must be great to have the power to defeat evil data. These games often reflect phenomena that is happening in the world such as fake news. That could be thought of as a kind of evil data. And clearly malevolent hackers are the ‘blumes’ in society."

Mark said: "I think we should all be on a mission to protect the integrity of data, and guard ourselves against dishonest sales people! I like the idea for this game, it ignites the imagination but involves actions of integrity and protection. Some other games contain needless violence and bloodshed but this game is full of missions to protect against evil. I would like to see more games like this."