A city rich in diversity and culture just waiting to be discovered, Birmingham could be your next holiday destination. The city of Birmingham for its world-record setting Primark or for its hosting capacity- the recent Commonwealth games being a prime example-, Birmingham is constantly in the news. Yet the city is never truly explored by anyone other than locals except the rare few who unlock the incredible treasure trove Birmingham is. 

In the heart of the city, you have the opportunity to shop at one of the most acclaimed shopping centres in the UK- the Bullring. It's constantly packed, perfect for nights out, cinema goings, family outings and fresh fruit picking. It also contains a plethora of cultures all working together in harmony Although, this can sometimes be doubted by believers shouting over one and other to proclaim their faiths. A testament to being one of the first ‘super diverse’ cities in the UK.

If that doesn’t entice you enough, then maybe the canals and nature will. For an industrial city, it has a shocking amount of forests, parks, rivers and lakes. One of the most beautiful of which is Sutton Park. It has an area for cycling and golf with playgrounds for the kids, yet the best parts are the stunning views of the forested areas there and the lake. Filled with swans, the lake makes for a beautiful site on any day.

Whether you love history, architecture, nature, shopping or anything else, Birmingham could be your next holiday destination.