My school which I have stayed loyal to since year 7 has held a debate club for the whole time that I was there. I have always found it intriguing but I have not had the confidence to join let alone join in! All of my friends have joined and left throughout the years but I have not but i kind of wish that I do when i was younger so i could be highly skilled in debates which i could really use now.  

In sixth form, they created one that only sixth formers can attend which I found very interesting but just could not pluck the courage to do it. I really wish now that my younger self, much more popular and who cared less about what people thought about herself did debate club all the way up to today so i can be a star student who is great at debating, which i really could need at this moment of time. 

Debate club is a great thing for your ucas and uni applications which i am doing at this moment of time. I think if your school is as great as mine and give you the opportunity to do something like debate club you should do it immediately with an open mind as it will always put you in a great position in the future.