Feminism has died, and there is evidence for us all to believe that happened a long time ago. At its core, feminism was a movement trying to get women on the same societal level as men: an attempt for women to be treated with respect, get equal rights and close the pay gap, get rid of the pink tax, walk down the road with no such thing as a catcall or a need to contact the police for assault or harassment or thinking of how to protect yourself from predators. 


Now, as perfect and ideal the concept of feminism is, it is not fully supported. Many–men, mostly–believe that feminism is rigged and completely undercuts the endless problems of men. The problems that are quite usually listed include mental illness such as depression and generalised anxiety disorder, threats to ‘traditional masculinity’, women having more rights than a man and–quite commonly stated–men having no work due to industries having to meet ‘diversity quotas’. If you couldn’t tell, there are many flaws in these rebuttals.


Feminism–in most views–has no immediate or direct impact on men. The aims of feminism are not to degrade men, or put them lesser than women but to simply give women equal opportunities that they deserve as humans. Though, it is theorised that even men would flourish in a state without the patriarchy. In which males do not have to conform to the patriarchal ideals of keeping emotions hidden, being the sole provider for a family or having to mould oneself into male beauty standards of the time. 


All of this support coming from me, you must wonder what I meant with my eye-catching title, of course. Well, I meant what I said: Feminism is Dead. 


The name of feminism is stained, it will never be regained in a pure form ever again, like a beautiful vase, cracked and shattered yet pieced together with obnoxious tape still claiming undeserved beauty. For as long as a person says that they are a feminist, there will be another who asks if they believe that all men should be killed. There will be women of colour and various ethnic backgrounds who are still under the patriarchy and often pitied by white feminists who view them as creatures to feel sorry for. There is no hope to resuscitate the concept, it is already filled with hate. 


The concept of feminism is prematurely outdated and in turn, a new ideology should be introduced. Hopefully, one where it won’t take up to 70 to 112 years to close the pay gap but that is for you, the reader, to contemplate.