How they rated:

Halesowen 0, Stratford 2

Boucher: A bright spark from a poor overall showing from the Yeltz despite being at fault for the second goal. Before that he’d pulled off a string of saves during the first half. Showed his potential. 7.

Wheatley: Another youngster that may well be raw at times and will make the occasional mistake, like when he conceded the second-half penalty, but showed good signs with the ball at feet and defended well. 6.5.

Kelly: Struggled to have an impact, especially as the team dropped deeper and deeper in the second half. 5.

Lawton: Was busy in midfield as he worked hard to keep tabs on Will Grocott but again faded as the game progressed. 6.

Bragoli (c): Did well in the first half and showed good composer on the ball at times despite dropping into an unfamiliar role in the Yeltz backline. Solid. 6.5.

Charlton: Managed the physical threat of Taylor well early on but struggled as Stratford stretched the pitch in the second period. 5.

Reilly: Headed a good chance over in the first half and worked hard but failed to have an impact as the Yeltz were pushed back. 5.

Coyle: Made his debut after being snapped up on loan but the game passed him by for long spells. 5.

Hughes: Too often he cut an isolated figure at the head of Halesowen’s attack. His mobility isn’t what it was and that holds him back in the lone striker role. He needs more support and could only chace lost causes. 5.

Truslove: He worked hard but didn’t have the impact he’s capable of. The gap between himself and Hughes was far to big all afternoon but he never got chance to get into the box due to Halesowen’s inability to keep the pressure on. Worked the keeper on a few occasions his side did venture forward. 6.

Hayles-Docherty: Made some good runs down the left wing in the first half but dragged one good effort wide of the near post. 5.


Hawkshaw: Should a couple of neat touches after his introduction but couldn’t change things late on. 5.

Agbor: Replaced Hughes and added some much-needed fresh legs into the attack but was again quickly having to chase down hopeful balls forward. 5.

Unused subs: Rea, Tonks, Hill.