CRADLEY Town have moved to secure captain Joe Hawkins and vice captain Kieran Day on contracts with the club.

The Hammers are preparing for another season in the West Midlands Premier League and have boosted their hopes for the new campaign by handing out their first contracts in eight years.

Manager Chris Butts said: "It's really great for the club that we've been able to do this.

"It's something that is almost unheard of at our level and but we're delighted that we have committed to the players and they have shown that commitment to us.

"Anyone who comes to watch us knows that both of them are capable of playing three or four levels higher.

"They are pivotal for us and it's great to get them under contract.

On the season ahead, he added: ""Everything is going well during pre-season. I think the squad we have now is strong.

"Our aim would be to finish in the top 10 but I think we are capable of being much higher."