Report submitted by Halesowen Swimming Club

Twenty-one swimmers from Halesowen Swimming club raced their hearts out in Nottingham for the first long-course competition of the year. For many, it was their first venture racing in an Olympic sized swimming pool, meaning the experience gained was immeasurable.

Entering 94 swims, all swimmers set new benchmarks to beat in the future. River Stephens (9), Zac Johngir (9), Greg Hackett (9), Jacob Mellor (10), Issy Sykes (11), Amber Seville (11) and Harrison Cooper (11) were fearless in their approach to competition despite being the youngest in attendance.

Olivia Fiddler and Troy Hill gave fantastic performances in races setting new personal bests, as did Will Walker on his return to competitive swimming after injury. The team spirit was excellent, Senior swimmers looked after and cheered on their younger teammates; an air of excitement allowed the swimmers to enjoy the days races rather than becoming stressed so everyone was able to perform as desired and as a bonus, many medals were won.

Very positive steps in the right direction for all the team with performances to be proud of.