NOT a sip of alcohol will pass the lips of a Stourbridge woman throughout January as she will ditch the drink for charity.

Aimee Hipkiss, aged 33, will take part in Cancer Research's Dryathlon as she believes it will be a "big challenge" to give up her tipple of choice, vodka and diet coke for a month.

The charity challenge urges people to drop the drink for a month and either get sponsored or donate the cash they would have spent on alcohol to the charity.

The Slimming World consultant, who runs groups in Amblecote and Norton, said: "Everyone that knows me knows that I do like to have a drink so I think it will be a big challenge."

Aimee said she is also looking forward to treating herself to food that she wouldn't usually eat during dry January as she uses most of her syns - a point system that allows members to enjoy the foods that some diets ban - for alcohol.

She added: "I'm looking forward to the challenge and I'm determined to do it, I don't want to let anyone down."

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