Muslim outrage at Henning murder

12:40pm Tuesday 7th October 2014

THE world is witness yet again to barbaric acts of inhumanity that have sent shockwaves around the world.

Blaming James Morris for fire cuts is absurd when Labour controlled Fire Authority voted through cuts

11:41am Thursday 2nd October 2014

AS the chairman of the community campaign against local fire service cuts, I couldn’t allow the letter you published from Sandwell Labour councillors and their parliamentary candidate to pass without comment.

Wishing Grace a full recovery

12:26pm Tuesday 16th September 2014

I was saddened to read in your recent article that Grace Kalinski, 18, of Halesowen, twice fought back from the brink of death after contracting meningitis earlier this year.

Choice should not be community or religious freedom

5:21pm Tuesday 5th August 2014

Dear Sir,

Tommy Mundon will be remembered for years to come

11:27am Tuesday 29th July 2014

I was very saddened to hear the news of Tommy Mundons passing.

If St Modwen get their way there will be no green space left

11:59am Wednesday 23rd July 2014

I think all of Halesowen should be backing Councillor Karen Shakespeare in her fight to save Coombeswood Green Wedge.

I could see what was happening - so moved away from the wedge

11:34am Wednesday 23rd July 2014

I was a resident of Hillwood Road for 34 years and strongly objected to the development of the Coombeswood Green Wedge.

Sadly our stretch of the River Stour has died

12:33pm Tuesday 20th May 2014

The stretch of the River Stour near Seth Somers Park sadly has be dead since the floods several years ago.

I complained ten years about River Stour pollution and nothing was done

12:07pm Tuesday 20th May 2014

I read the article in the Halesowen News about the River Stour pollution.

More than one charity offering free education in Kenya

11:15am Tuesday 29th April 2014

Dear Sir,

Farage and UKIP are no different to James Morris and the Tories

10:01am Tuesday 15th April 2014

Dear Editor.

Halt the building frenzy

1:54pm Thursday 27th March 2014

Dear Sir,

Mystery fence damage blamed on civet

2:30pm Thursday 27th February 2014

Dear Sir,

Support for Grange Road island flower protester

1:38pm Tuesday 25th February 2014

I agree entirely with Tim Weller about Grange Road island, I live yards from it and it's a disgrace.

Halesowen shops not worth parking up to visit

1:34pm Tuesday 25th February 2014

IN response to the article 'Traders in fight for free parking scheme' I keep hearing Mr Fitzpatrick say he wants free parking in Halesowen so that it will bring more shoppers into the town.

We were delighted Blackheath is full of good Samaritans

1:58pm Monday 24th February 2014

My 80-year-old mother had a nasty fall, on the path outside the chip shop next to Blackheath market, whilst out shopping with my brother and me on Saturday.

Please stop your dogs fouling our pavements

10:08am Thursday 6th February 2014

I read an article in the News regarding on the spot fines for dog owners failing to pick up their dog's mess. I live on the main Hagley Road in Hasbury immediately opposite the Rose and Crown pub, but we are constantly plagued by large amounts of dog mess outside our houses.

There are plenty of fantastic schoolchildren around these days

1:24pm Tuesday 4th February 2014

I am writing concerning the front page story in this week's News - "Schoolkids clash in armed violence" Thank you for a very comprehensive report, but we are only talking about the minority of schoolchildren here.

Why are Cradley South and Hayley Green councillors always in the news?

11:51am Thursday 16th January 2014

Why does it seem that we read in your newspaper and others on a seemingly regular basis the exploits of councillors representing the Hayley Green and Cradley South ward.


11:31am Thursday 12th December 2013

Dear Sir,

A helping hand would have been nice, not a parking ticket

3:50pm Thursday 21st November 2013

At 2.25pm on Wednesday , November 13, I had an accident at the top of Mucklow Hill on the way out of Halesowen.

Shame on Mr White for his war on our accent

12:20pm Thursday 21st November 2013

In reference to your article about the head teacher of Colley Lane Primary School.

Can you be the perfect host this Christmas?

6:00am Sunday 17th November 2013

DO you have room for one more person this Christmas?

OAPs’ group talks sense

11:00am Saturday 28th September 2013

I went along last month to the Halesowen Pensioners'

Don’t be scared – it’s just man’s best friend

2:51pm Thursday 26th September 2013

On behalf of the dog walking community, I would like to appeal for a spirit of tolerance in the current discussion aboutdogsinHadenHill Park.

Dudley borough firefighter: Why I voted to strike

1:07pm Wednesday 4th September 2013

Not everyone will be aware, that at the moment the FBU (Fire Brigades Union) are balloting members for strike action due to the ongoing pension dispute.

Imitation is very flattering

10:00am Sunday 11th August 2013

I would like to congratulate Councillor Patrick Harley and the Dudley Conservatives on their conversion to supporting free parking in our shopping areas.

Getting it right on recycling

12:00pm Saturday 10th August 2013

How pleased I am to finally get awheelie bin and be able to recycle card and plastic.

Economy languishing under Tories

11:00am Friday 9th August 2013

How long are Tory MPs like Chris Kelly going to rely on blaming Labour: “the largest deficit since the Second World War” (July 11)?

Keeping dogs on leads keeps our children safe

9:30am Thursday 8th August 2013

I agree dogs should be on leads when in Haden Hill Park.

Sick of selfish, lazy shoppers by Asda store

10:00am Monday 22nd July 2013

Just how many ignorant, selfish and lazy customers does the Halesowen ASDA attract on Sunday afternoons?

No excuse for blocking pavements to disabled users during summer festival

10:00am Sunday 21st July 2013

I am a mobility scooter user and was very unhappy with the way stalls were set out in Blackheath town centre for the event on Saturday July 6.

Be considerate to fellow park users

12:00pm Saturday 20th July 2013

I agree entirely with Mrs. M Bastable’s recent letter regarding the attitude of a number of dog owners using Haden Hill Park.

Many thanks to Romstock folk

10:00am Friday 19th July 2013

I would like to to take this opportunity to thank all the people at Romstock who kindly donated to Balls to Cancer.

An honest gent

11:18am Thursday 18th July 2013

To the honest gentleman who found my purse near the florists in Halesowen Road, Old Hill, on July 2 and handed it in at the local police station.

Putting record straight on funeral costs

12:00pm Monday 15th July 2013

I HAVE seen a report on the Halesowen News website on funeral costs released by the GMB with comments from Joe Morgan the regional secretary.

Oldbury Academy's rewards system is working well!

2:55pm Thursday 13th June 2013

Oldbury Academy has a wide ranging set of rewards as we believe that students grow and develop as a result of reward and praise.

Mr Gove: Oldbury Academy should not be offering cash incentives to pupils

2:52pm Thursday 13th June 2013

Dear Mr Gove.

Still receiving letters for councillor 12 months on!

10:00am Tuesday 4th June 2013

It is understandable to accept that the majority of the voting public appear to show no interest in local politics – maybe assuming that their vote makes no difference to them.

Sick and tired of dog walkers

11:00am Saturday 1st June 2013

I am writing because i am sick and tired of the actions of some fellow dog walkers at Haden Hill Park.

Councillor’s selfless work much appreciated

12:00pm Friday 31st May 2013

It is not often that a councillor gets good press and I want to show how we in Halesowen have a wonderful councillor in Jill Nicholls.

Car parking charges ‘a big mistake’

3:30pm Thursday 30th May 2013

In Sandwell Council’s view they have now finally been successful in introducing parking charges (April 11) in Old Hill & Cradley Heath.

The letters keep coming but I'm no longer a councillor

11:47am Tuesday 21st May 2013

It is understandable to accept that the majority of the voting public appear to show no interest in local politics – maybe assuming that their vote makes no difference to them.

Union of Law hits out at Dudley Council ban on non-white taxis

5:09pm Tuesday 30th April 2013

WE find the reasoning behind the Dudley Council’s refusal to relax the ‘white cars only’ rule, as reported in the Halesowen News, to be absolutely mystifying.

Car park charge objectors were "more than a handful"

10:29am Wednesday 24th April 2013

In Sandwell Council’s view they have now finally been successful in introducing parking charges (Halesowen News 11th April) in Old Hill & Cradley Heath.

Praise for health workers

12:00pm Monday 25th March 2013

I was recently admitted to Russell’s Hall Hospital, Acute Stroke Unit.

God bless district nurses

12:00pm Saturday 23rd March 2013

How many of us need the services of District Nurses? People who have not known how they would cope when loved ones dying with cancer, both young and old?

Many thanks to a very good samaritan

11:00am Friday 22nd March 2013

Two weeks before Christmas I fell over walking along the Queensway just past the police station.

Plenty for kids to do

9:35am Thursday 21st March 2013

Regarding your item about there being nothing for young children in Cradley on Friday mornings, there is to my knowledge an activity for children and carers at Cradley library every Friday morning in term time.

MP has no answer

12:00pm Monday 18th February 2013

I am not a politician nor have any loyalty to any political party, but I must take issue with James Morris MP for branding councillors ‘cheap’ for ‘making political points’ and stating he considers ‘the attack’ ‘sickening’!!


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