VIDEO footage shows impatient motorists deliberately driving the wrong way down a one-way road in Blackheath.

The film shows two cars driving into on-coming traffic on Bassano Road in Blackheath to avoid taking a longer diversion route due to the closure of Halesowen Street.

The road is closed as part of work to improve existing pedestrian crossings and install a new crossing under Active Travel Fund improvements in Blackheath.

A reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent in the footage which was filmed on Wednesday January 11, at 4.20pm.

They said: "This has put other road users and pedestrians at risk."

Sandwell Council said it will put cones in the road in a bid to stop the "illegal manoeuvre."

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A spokesman for Sandwell Council said: "The nature of the work requires the closure of parts of the junction for workman safety reasons and drivers are expected to follow the signed diversions.

"The footage that has been provided clearly shows drivers are making a conscious choice to drive against the signed one way and therefore act illegally.

"Whilst the Highway Authority has a duty to approve and inspect temporary traffic management, they cannot be held responsible for how drivers behave or enforce against those who choose to ignore the signage."

They said only police can prosecute drivers acting illegally and said the owner of the footage should pass it to police.

They added: "Contractors will be asked to place additional cones at the junction to try and physically inhibit the illegal left turn manoeuvre to try and discourage any further contraventions at the junction."

Halesowen News: It happened on this road (left)It happened on this road (left) (Image: Google)

Two existing pedestrian crossings at the junction of Bassano Road and Halesowen Street are being raised up on speed humps for improved pedestrian safety in the town centre.

A new signal controlled pedestrian crossing is being installed on the third arm of the same triangular junction, again raised on a speed hump.